Green doggy doodoo bin at Park

Dog exercise areas

We encourage you to exercise your dog often and pick up after your pets.

Click on the fluorescent green parks to find off-leash areas on this map here

Visit the Harmony Fields off-lead dog park in Alcock Street, Maddington where there are two fenced dog exercise areas - one for large dogs and one for smaller dogs.

A reminder to keep your dog under effective control at all times. This means your dog:

  • Responds to commands and returns when called
  • Remains in a reasonable distance from the owner at all times
  • Does not act in a threatening or aggressive manner to other people or animals
  • Does not cause damage to flora or fauna
  • Does not enter a lake or water channel

Important: Dog owners have a legal responsibility to clean up after their pets. Please respect your local park and community. The City provides doggy waste bags in various parks to promote and encourage correct practice. 

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