The Local Heritage Survey (formerly known as a Heritage Inventory) is the City’s record of places considered to have significance in the history of the City.

This Survey is not just about old houses; it records all sorts of places that have been significant in the history of the local community from commercial buildings, churches and bridges to monuments, parks and even trees.

Many places are significant because of their social history, not just because of their architecture. It is important to record these places as it provides an opportunity for future generations to develop an understanding of their community.

A summary list of the places listed on the Heritage Survey can be downloaded via the related links section below. Printed copies of the full versions of the 2016, 2010 and 1998 Heritage Surveys are available for public access through the City’s libraries, and information on individual listings is available online via the City’s library catalogue. To nominate a place to be considered for future inclusion in the Heritage Survey please complete the online form linked below.

Owners of places listed in the Local Heritage Survey 2016 may enjoy several benefits from their ownership, including the opportunity to apply for financial rewards under the City’s Condition Rewards Scheme. There are numerous fact sheets available below to assist owners, and potential owners, of heritage listed properties. More information is available from the State Heritage Office or by contacting the City’s Heritage Coordinator on 9391 6011.

To find out what the City is doing to record and preserve its history and heritage, look at the links available on the Community Involvement page. You may also be interested in visiting one of the City’s interesting historic places to learn more about local history and heritage. To research local historic information online, access the City's library catalogue.

The image on this page is of the heritage listed property at 50 Nicholson Road Langford, photographed in 2010.