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Condition rewards scheme

The City’s Condition Rewards Scheme offers a range of payments to owners of rateable places listed on the City of Gosnells Heritage Survey (formerly known as a Heritage Inventory) based on the condition score of the heritage property. The condition score reflects the cumulative effects of management and environmental events.

The assessment and scoring of each place’s condition was originally undertaken as part of the review of the Heritage Survey 2016, and will recur every four years. This means the exterior of each property will be professionally assessed on a regular basis. In the intervening years owners are required to sign and return an official declaration in order to receive their reward payment; it is not automatically applied to all heritage properties. Spot checks may be conducted.

Heritage properties need to be maintained at (or above) the level listed in the Heritage Survey 2016 in order to be eligible for the reward payment. If the property is badly maintained and its condition score drops, the level of payment decreases accordingly.

The rewards offered, based on the property’s condition, are as follows:

  • Condition Score of Good $400
  • Condition Score of Fair $200.

Significant trees listed in the Heritage Survey are included in the same Scheme with owners rewarded as below:

  • Condition Score of Good $60
  • Condition Score of Fair $30.

The current round of rewards closes on 30 April 2021. More information is available by contacting the City’s Coordinator Heritage on 9391 6011.

To find out what the City is doing to record and preserve its history and heritage, look at the links available on the Heritage Action page. You may also be interested in visiting one of the City’s interesting historic places to learn more about local history and heritage. To research local historic information online, access the City's library catalogue.

The image on this page is of the heritage listed property on Phillip Street Maddington, photographed in 2010.

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