The Coat of Arms of the Shire, Town and City of Gosnells has been amended to comply with the Windsor Herald of Arms, Sir Alexander Colin Cole KCB KCVO TD FSA, College of Arms, London.

Bull’s Head

The Bull’s Head at the top of the crest comes from the crest of the original Gosnells family. The Knights helmet symbolises “Gentleman”.


Sea Lion and Sea Unicorn represent the flow of migrants from overseas to Australia. Each supporter has a mural crown, indicating that Gosnells is an old established corporation.

Fruit Trees (Orange Tree)

Symbolises the local fruit growing industries, whilst the rose branch held by the Sea Lion refers to Great Britain as the homeland of the forbearers of many inhabitants of Gosnells.

Hammer and Rock

Represent the Quarry Industry.

Black Swan

Representing the Western Australian emblem.

Two Rivers

Representing the Canning and Southern Rivers which flow through the City.


‘Servire’ meaning – “We serve”.