Dogs that wander on the streets, without an owner present, are referred to as dogs 'wandering at large'.

Dogs 'wandering at large' are a hazard to motorists, pedestrians, other dogs and their owners. Dog owners should take care to ensure that their dog is not able to leave their property unless on a leash with someone who is able to control them.

Dog owners are required to provide fencing and gates that are capable of confining the dog within the property where the dog is ordinarily kept.  

If your dog is in a public place without a leash you may face a fine of $200.

If you see a wandering dog please contact Ranger Services on 9397 3000. Please describe the type of dog, colouring and current location. If Ranger Services are unable to identify or locate the owner then the dog will be impounded.

Dog owners are required to ensure that their dog is on a leash at all times when in a public place other than when in a gazetted off leash exercise area.  Dog owners must ensure that their dog remains under effective control at all times.