If you have lost your dog report it to Ranger Services on 9397 3000 immediately or complete the online form available below.

Rangers will record your information and the description of the dog. This information will be entered into our lost dogs register and used to match with dogs that have been impounded by Ranger Services. It is also a good idea to contact vets in your area and other nearby local governments .

To view dogs currently impounded use the link below.

If you have found a dog within the City contact Ranger Services on 9397 3000. If the dog has a City of Gosnells registration tag please provide the number. If a dog has no identification you can either:

  • Drop the dog off at the City's Dog Management Facility. There is a cage at the front of the Dog Management Facility with shelter and water which is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Contact Ranger Services on 9397 3000 to arrange for the dog to be picked up by the Ranger and impounded. Please note Rangers will not pick up a dog if no one is home.