The Western Australian Planning Commission's State Planning Policy (SPP) – SPP 5.4 Road and Rail Transport Noise and the associated Implementation Guidelines apply to proposals for noise-sensitive land-use, new or major upgrades of major roads, new railways or major upgrades of railways or any other works that increase capacity for rail vehicle storage or movement and will result in an increased level of noise. 

SPP 5.4 has the following objectives:

  • To protect the community from unreasonable levels of transport noise;
  • To protect strategic and other significant freight transport corridors from incompatible urban encroachment
  • To ensure transport infrastructure and land-use can mutually exist within urban corridors;
  • To ensure that noise impacts are addressed as early as possible in the planning process; and
  • To encourage best practice noise mitigation design and construction standards. 

SPP 5.4 does this by:

  • Identifying the situations in which it would be appropriate to assess proposals for noise impacts from transport.
  • Establishing noise targets.
  • Identifying measures to reduce road and rail transport noise. 

SPP 5.4 describes ‘noise-sensitive development’ as “land-uses or development occupied or designed for occupation or use for residential purposes (including dwellings, residential buildings or short-sat accommodation), caravan park, camping ground, educational establishment, child care premises, hospital, nursing home, corrective institution or place of worship.” 

Both SPP 5.4 and the implementation guidelines can be obtained from the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage’s website.

City's Assessment Tool

The purpose of the City's Assessment Tool is to identify the ‘Other significant freight/traffic routes’ roads within the City of Gosnells. 

The following schedule assists in determining the ‘Other significant freight/traffic routes”, including those that are not specifically identified on ‘Schedule 3 – Metro Map’. 

Primary Distributor 80km/h 

Tonkin Highway

  • Ranford Road to Corfield Street - 41,500 vpd
  • Corfield Street to Mills Road West - 62,000 vpd
  • Mills Road West to Kelvin Road - 71,000 vpd
  • Kelvin Road to Welshpool Road East - 80,500 vpd

Roe Highway

  • Nicholson Road to Kenwick Link - 114,000 vpd
  • Kenwick Link to Welshpool Road East - 122,000 vpd 


District Distributor 60km/h 

Albany Highway

  • Nicholson Road to Sevenoaks Street - 37,000 vpd
  • Sevenoaks Street to Kenwick Link/Austin Avenue - 40,000 vpd
  • Kenwick Link/Austin Avenue to Kelvin Road - 60,000 vpd
  • Kelvin Road to Gosnells Road West - 41,300 vpd 

Burslem Drive

  • Warton Road/Corfield Street/Spencer Road to Olga Road - 30,500 vpd 

Corfield Street

  • Warton Road/Burslem Drive to Fremantle Road - 43,500 vpd
  • Fremantle Road to King Street - 33,300 vpd
  • King Street to Verna Street - 25,300 vpd 

Garden Street

  • Nicholson Road/Yale Road to Warton Road - 38,000 vpd 

Holmes Street

  • Balfour Street to Southern River Road - 31,600 vpd
  • Southern River Road to Tonkin Highway - 25,200 vpd 

Kelvin Road

  • 20,000 vpd 

Kenwick Link

  • Roe Highway to Royal Street - 56,200 vpd
  • Royal Street to Albany Highway/Austin Avenue - 37,800 vpd 

Nicholson Road

  • Warton Road to Yale Road/Garden Street - 30,000 vpd
  • Yale Road/Garden Street to High Road - 60,700 vpd
  • Spencer Road to Albany Highway - 68,400 vpd 

Ranford Road

  • Nicholson Road to Warton Road - 41,000 vpd
  • Warton Road to Tonkin Highway - 45,000 vpd 

Sevenoaks Street

  • 26,000 vpd 

Spencer Road

  • Nicholson Road to Yale Road/Spring Road - 40,775 vpd
  • Thornlie Avenue to Warton Road/Burslem Drive/Corfield Street - 36,400 vpd 

Spring Street/Royal Street

  • Thornlie Avenue - Kenwick Link - 29,700 vpd 

Southern River Road

  • Ranford Road to Lander Street - 34,600 vpd
  • Lander Street to Balannup Drain - 33,700 vpd
  • Balannup Drain to Holmes Street - 39,300 vpd
  • Holmes Street to Bullfinch Street - 26,500 vpd 

Warton Road

  • Ranford Road to Corfield Street - 31,000 vpd 

Note: The above figures are based on the average vehicle per day volumes for the stretch of road as provided by Main Roads WA.
For more accurate vehicle volume figures, please refer to Main Roads WA.