Landscaping is required as a condition of planning approval for grouped housing, commercial and industrial premises to ensure the establishment of a minimum acceptable standard of landscape development and on-going maintenance. 

Landscaping is to be provided on the development site and adjoining verge. All works on the verge are to comply with the City’s current Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law. Landscaping is intended to improve the visual amenity of the proposed development, with consideration for environmental sustainability. The use of local native species and hydrozoning is encouraged.

Plans should also be submitted for any proposed works of a temporary nature, for example landscape works to a sales office, car parking or for estate entry statements. It is recognised that the extent of the works is to reflect the temporary nature and purpose of the landscaping. 

Landscape Plans must include the following information: 

  • Site plan with a scale of not less than 1:200 illustrating all landscaped areas, including the verge.
  • Existing street trees and trees on the lot are to be shown on the plan.
  • Details of ground treatment such as paving, turf, mulched garden beds (mulch is to be applied to a depth of 100mm).
  • Plant legend showing:
    • botanical names of the proposed vegetation types
    • quantity of each species
    • pot sizes of plants at the time of planting. Shrubs are to be semi-advanced from pot sizes no less than 175mm.
  • Turf and garden bed areas are to be irrigated. The plan is to provide information on the water source (scheme or bore water). 
  • Grow Local Plants_Brochure - Central
  • Grow Local Plants brochure - East Coastal

Street Trees

All existing street trees are to be shown on the site plan / landscape plan.

No street trees shall be removed without written approval. If approved, the City will arrange the tree removal following the payment of the amenity valuation of the tree and removal costs, as per the City’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Any street trees to be planted are to be shown on the landscape plan for approval. 

Any queries relating to landscape plans should be directed to the City’s Parks and Landscaping Plan Advisor.