• This neighbourhood reserve has a sheltered picnic table overlooking the lake with a water feature to many waterbirds, a playground, large open grassed areas and just under half a hectare of wetland.
  • This neighbourhood reserve largely comprising of a lake with two water features and a footbridge is a picturesque open space.
  • This linear neighbourhood reserve, slightly larger than 3 hectares is a picturesque green space with a variety of recreational opportunities.
  • A picturesque linear neighbourhood reserve just over 6.7 hectares, exists with a range of park infrastructure that supports a variety of recreational opportunities.
  • This neighbourhood reserve has an elevated board walk over the lake, a playground with shade sails and generous open grassed areas.
  • This oval and change rooms are located on the site of Canning Vale College and is suitable for both junior cricket and football with cricket practice nets also provided.
  • A large circular lake located in the centre of this 3.15 hectare neighbourhood reserve making it the perfect place for the community to visit.
  • This neighbourhood park consists largely of natural vegetated areas with stands of trees and shrubs planted.
  • Adjacent to Ranford Road, this local park contains two hard surfaced tennis courts which is home to The Avenues Estate Tennis.
  • This neighbourhood reserve provides a range of park infrastructure that supports a variety of recreational opportunities including views of the large circular lake.
  • A beautiful large lake is the central feature of this 1.5 hectare neighbourhood reserve with an internal pathway network providing excellent access to all areas.
  • This neighbourhood reserve is the City's little hidden treasure and known as a tropical oasis due to a variety of flora including a rare species of palm trees.
  • This neighbourhood reserve adjoining Excelsior Primary School includes a playground under shade sails with a nearby picnic table under shelter for small family gatherings.
  • This neighbourhood reserve has a board walk with a lookout over the lake, two water features, a playground and large open grassed areas.