Hester Park

This park almost the entire length of the boundary line between Langford and Beckenham and runs along the Djarlgarra (Canning river) between Nicholson Road and Roe Highway. It is a massive 50 hectares open space and is utilised as a dog exercise area.

Jenkins Lane Reserve

A small local reserve with a round open space which fills up and becomes a lake after signicicant rainfall.

Langford Avenue Reserve

This neighbourhood reserve located on the corner of Nicholson Road and Langford Avenue provides a range of recreational opportunities and can be accessed by the network of pathways.

Langford Park Sporting Complex

This district reserve located adjacent to Roe Highway and home to Dale Districts Men’s Softball consists of three large sporting areas which accommodate netball, softball and athletics.

Prendiville Way Reserve

A neighbourhood reserve located adjacent to St Judes Catholic Primary School.

Towton Park

This neighbourhood park provides scenic access from all surrounding streets and is easily accessible from the network of pathways.

Turley Way Reserve

A local green open space which can be used for informal ball games or quiet contemplation and reflection.