Knowledge of the history of a local area depends greatly on information provided by local and former residents. Staff are keen to hear from anyone who can provide details or highlight any inaccuracy in the collection. Please call the Local History Librarian on 9391 6010.

Photographs and documents

If you have an old, or more recent, locally relevant document or photograph that you are willing to donate to the Local History Collection or our Museum, or are willing to loan it for copying, current and future generations will appreciate it! Donor forms are available in the links below. Donations may be tax deductible via the Australian Government's Cultural Grants Program.

Do you know someone who was important to the community?

Were they involved in the development of a local club, building, or grounds? Did they win a special award, play high level sports, or gain some other form of notoriety? Or were they a quiet achiever who was significant to the area’s history in other ways? Why not help the City record the importance of their involvement, and nominate them to be interviewed as part of the City’s Oral History Project.

Volunteers welcome

The City encourages members of the community to volunteer their time to local history and heritage related works, even for a few hours each week. It's a great way to find out more about your local area, meet new people, and be involved with your local community.

You may also be interested in visiting one of the City’s interesting historic places to learn more about local history and heritage. To research local historic information online, access the City's library catalogue.

The image on this page is of Gosnells Road Board employees in 1957.