The City’s general junk waste collection from residential verges in Maddington, Martin, Gosnells and Kenwick is in progress.

Please continue to put junk waste on the verge of your property in time for your scheduled collection dates, and ensure you comply with the City’s junk waste collection guidelines.

Each financial year, the City provides three residential bulk verge collections. These consist of one general junk collection and two green waste collections.

To find out the collection dates, click here.

Remember to:

  • Reduce illegal dumping and nuisance pickers by placing items on the verge of your property no earlier than 7 days prior to your collection date
  • Separate the following from general junk – electronic goods, computers and TVs, mattresses, white goods and scrap metals, as the City recycles these items

Do not place waste on vacant properties or public reserves. If any item doesn’t comply with guidelines, it won’t be collected. You must remove it within 7 days or you may be fined.

If your items are in good condition, donate them to family, friends, your local charity or Facebook Buy Nothing group. Visit to find your closest charity.

Important safety requirements

  • For child safety reasons, refrigerators, remove doors from freezers and other white goods.
  • You no longer need to degas fridges and freezers.

We will collect:

  • Household furniture (no glass panels or table tops)
  • White goods, such as stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers (doors must be removed)
  • Fridges, freezers (doors must be removed) and air conditioners
  • General junk items, scrap metal and timber products up to 1.5m in length

We will not collect:

  • Chemicals, oils, paints, pesticides, solvents, gas cylinders and asbestos. 
  • Bricks, tiles, sand, solar panels, cement, concrete products and fencing materials
  • Household waste that goes in your normal rubbish bin
  • Glass, mirrors or shower screens
  • Tyres, car bodies and parts
  • Batteries 
  • Materials more than 1.5m in length
  • Mixed piles of junk and green waste
  • Green waste
  • General junk from commercial properties
  • Play equipment and trampolines that have not been dismantled

While we encourage you to get involved in verge collections, be aware that penalties may apply for failure to comply with collection guidelines.