Preparing for emergencies

Whether they are natural or man-made, disasters and emergencies can, and do, happen. The City's Emergency Risk Management Project identified severe storms and bush fires as two of the most likely emergencies to occur within the City.


If you see a fire, contact 000 and report it.

DFES provide information on how to prepare your property for bushfire.

While many people believe bushfires only occur in rural areas, if you have an area of bushland within 100 metres of your home you could be at risk. There are some simple steps that you can take to prepare your property for bushfires. Evaporative air conditioners can catch fire from embers coming from even a small bushfire nearby and will quickly spread fire throughout your home. 

The City's Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice is intended to ensure property owners reduce the risk of bushfire to themselves and their neighbours.

Severe Storm

For SES assistance call 132 500.

How to prepare your property for winter storms