Building regulations and requirements

The City can provide information and guidance on a range of building regulatory matters. The links below provide general information about building legislation and code requirements. If you require clarification, or if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Amending, extending or reissuing a permit

In some cases it may be necessary to make changes to an approval after it is issued. Find out how here.

Builder registration and owner-builder approval

A registered building contractor or owner-builder approval may be required if the estimated value of a building project exceeds $20,000.

Building Act 2011

The Building Act 2011 (WA) came into operation on 2 April 2012, revolutionising the building approval process. Find out more about these changes here.

Building classifications

Buildings are assigned a classification based on their intended use. The National Construction Code applies some different requirements to different classifications.

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas

New buildings in bushfire prone areas need to comply with new bushfire construction requirements. This also applies to some additions, alterations and minor structures.

Cleaning gutters and downpipes

Cleaning gutters and downpipes is a useful habit to get into.

Crossovers and driveways

A crossover is the part of a driveway between the kerb and the property boundary. Approval is required prior to the construction of a permanent crossover.


Easements are restrictions on a land title generally used to protect services such as water, gas and drainage. Easements also enable access for maintenance and repairs.

Energy efficiency for residential buildings

The National Construction Code includes provisions for energy efficiency for Class 1 buildings and certain Class 10 buildings. Find out more here.

Fences and retaining walls

Information about front and secondary street fences, dividing fences and retaining walls.

Home indemnity insurance

Building contractors are required to take out a Home indemnity insurance policy for residential building work valued over $20,000.

Inspections and tests

A building or demolition permit may be issued subject to certain inspections or tests being undertaken.

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code (NCC) is a suite of building and plumbing regulations that apply throughout Australia.

Residential Design Codes

The Residential Design Codes set out design provisions for residential developments across Western Australia.

Site management

During construction it is important to take measures to prevent or minimise impact on surrounding properties.

Smoke alarms for residential buildings

Smoke alarms are now mandatory in all dwellings. Penalties may apply for failure to comply. Find out more here.

Stormwater drainage

All buildings are required to have roof water directed to an approved disposal system, but the disposal method may vary depending on the site conditions.

Swimming pools and spas

Safety and supervision is paramount around pools and spas. Advice and regulation information is contained within this section.

Termites and European house borer

Termites and European house borer are both destructive pests that can cause major structural damage to buildings.