In some cases it may be necessary to make changes to an approval after the permit is issued. The City may extend the time of a permit, or reissue a permit to a new contractor within circumstance, but changes to plans after a building permit has been issued will generally require a new application.

Amending a permit after approval

The Building Act 2011 (WA) does not provide for plans to be amended after a building permit has been issued. The City can, however, accept a new application for building permit for “additions or alterations’ to an approved building, which can be used to approve changes to a building’s form, structure or materials.

An application should only include information relevant to the change/s being made. If the application is a certified application, the changes must also be reflected on the certificate of design compliance, which must refer specifically to the changes and not the whole building. Application fees and levies will be calculated based on the value of the change/s, but will generally be the minimum amount.

It is important that only the estimated value of the change is provided; if the entire contract value is provided again fees will be calculated and charged in accordance with that value.

Extending the time of a permit

Building and demolition permits are valid for two years, unless otherwise stated on the permit, and the work must be completed within that time. If work has been substantially commenced, but not completed when the permit expires the City may consider an application to extend the time on the permit.

An application to extend time must be made on the approved BA22 form and include the prescribed fee.

Note: making an application does not guarantee approval and if sufficient works have not been commenced an application is unlikely to be approved.

Reissuing a building or demolition permit to a new contractor

If the contractor named on a building or demolition permit issues a notice of cessation (BA8 form) and will not be completing the work the owner may make application to the City for the permit to be reissued to a new contractor.

An application to reissue a permit must include the following:

  • Covering letter outlining works still to be undertaken;
  • Complete application for building or demolition permit form signed by the owners and the new contractor;
  • Prescribed application fee (refer to the current schedule of fees).

If the permit is for residential building work valued over $20,000 it may also be necessary for the contractor to take out a home indemnity insurance policy.

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