What encouraged you to become a volunteer?

I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper that mentioned history and sharing a love of history with children. I love history and want everyone to be as enthusiastic about the subject as I am!

Why do you volunteer and what do you personally gain from volunteering?

It's just wonderful. It is satisfying, fulfilling, gives meaning and excitement to the week. I have made close friends from volunteering and it's just wonderful to be working alongside friends, joining together to achieve something we believe is worthwhile and doing it for something we love.

What is your greatest achievement as a volunteer?

Helping to develop a new program for the museum so that when it is cold or raining outside we can now do the Clothing Program indoors. I sourced many of the clothes and adapted them for the children to wear.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in volunteering?

Start now! Don't be put off. It is important that you find something you are interested in. What did you love at school or what have you found during your lifetime that you love to do? That gives you the starting point.