The City is seeking sponsors that are committed to supporting safety and security programs throughout the City to all residents.

Your support for these programs will help the City deliver safety and security messages and initiatives to all.  Sponsors are invited to choose the program that they wish to support as individual programs or the option of a major sponsor for all Safe City programs is available for larger sponsorship commitments.

Safety and Security – Safe City Initiative

The City, through its Safe City Initiative, provides local residents with access to a diverse range of community oriented programs specifically developed to target distinct demographic groups to increase safety and awareness, develop safety strategies and improve community and personal safety.

Safer Seniors program

The Safer Seniors program focuses primarily on community identified issues concerning all seniors within the City.

Safe City Christmas Lights

The Safe City Christmas Lights encourages neighbours to get to know each other and share in the Christmas festivities by visiting all participating homes as detailed on the City’s website.  This is an annual competition to generate community spirit and sees residents light up the streets.  Prizes are offered for the Best Private Residence who receive $500 cash and a plaque and Best Decorated Street (five houses or more) who receive $1,000 cash and a commemorative street sign. 

Safe City Awards

Since 1999, the Safe City Awards have provided an avenue for recognition of individuals and organisations within the City of Gosnells who promote community safety.  The awards are held every two years and seek to recognise communities and schools which are making a difference through crime prevention and community safety programs.  Up to $1,000 in prize money is offered and nominations are sought directly from individuals, community groups and schools. Community members are encouraged to nominate an individual or project which they think deserves recognition.


The Anti-Graffiti campaign commenced in February 1999. The City continues to work directly with WA Police to ensure a coordinated approach to identifying and prosecuting graffiti vandals.  All graffiti incidents on City infrastructure are recorded, photographed and provided to police as evidence.  Safe City developed an anti-graffiti initiative called TAG – Together Against Graffiti in 2008 with a suite of programs to address graffiti including the Adopt A Bus Shelter and the Safe City Anti-Graffiti Business Accord.

Close the Door on Crime

The Close the Door on Crime program is based on Scotland’s Police Beat Doorstep Crime Initiative and is delivered in partnership with Gosnells District Neighbourhood Watch.  This program aims to reduce crime against older and vulnerable members of the community to help them to feel safe at home by providing resources and education to assist with unsolicited callers. 

Adopt a Bus Shelter

Adopt a Bus Shelter was developed in 2008 in response to feedback from the community.  Volunteers are provided with an on-site induction, a graffiti removal kit and personal protective equipment along with a register to record the amount of graffiti vandalism they remove.  All graffiti removed through the program is reported to police as evidence. This program contributes to a significant reduction of graffiti vandalism at adopted bus shelters.

Hotspot Door Knocks

Safe City works directly with WA Police Force and Gosnells District Neighbourhood Watch to conduct door knocks in crime hot spots identified by police and proactively encourages the community to take an active interest in protecting their neighbourhood through a coordinated multi-agency ‘cocooning’ strategy.  Residents are provided with a crime prevention kit and information to assist them to take steps to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Safety presentations and workshops

Safe City provides free safety presentations and workshops for community members and businesses that focus on local crime issues and current crime trends.  The City collaborates with WA Police Force and other relevant agencies to provide community safety and crime prevention initiatives which have included Women’s Personal Safety, Senior’s Safety, Personal Safety, safety awareness for CaLD communities, local and online scams and security presentations and armed hold up training for businesses. 

Safe City programs would suit sponsors that are interested in supporting the local community in making the City of Gosnells, residents and local business areas a safer and more secure environment for the whole community.  Small and corporate business sponsors are sought for a list of programs run through the Safe City Initiative and they offer a great return on investment through promotional materials and promotional attendance at City of Gosnells major events.