Battery World

Battery World Maddington has had a long relationship with the City of Gosnells and proudly sponsors the Jingle All The Way Christmas event held annual each year. The team at Battery World live locally and relish this opportunity to give back to the community at this strongly executed event. The staff from the City of Gosnells work with a similar excitement and passion, putting together a wonderfully balanced professional and magical night and sharing holiday cheer with thousands of local residents.

Battery World


Primewest Management Ltd is a proud sponsor of City of Gosnells’ events, programs and services.  Our partnership with City of Gosnells demonstrates our desire to support the local community and build on our relationships with residents.  We are pleased to actively encourage the provision of a range of responsible corporate events in the interests of furthering a safe and united community.

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Westpac Commercial Bank

The City of Gosnells and the relationship with Westpac goes back over 15 years.

In that time we have seen a growth in innovation and practices that better the wider Gosnells community through focused investment policies and improved efficiency by Council, all helping to keep costs down and improve incomes to spread to the community.

This is an important part of Council and Westpac has been pleased to assist wherever possible in sharing their own innovations to improve the way things work from a banking and investment perspective for the City.  

Our dedicated branch staff work closely with small businesses in the Gosnells community to assist them in being better at what they do and again are heavily involved in charitable organisations through collection of donations and assistance through Westpac Corporate with disaster relief and emergency fund availability.

We also are pleased to match dollar for dollar donations through some of the charitable organisations in the local area.

Westpac is not only proud to sponsor the City of Gosnells, we also want to ensure that we are accessible to the local community and especially charitable organisations and local businesses through our network.

We look forward to a long and continued involvement with the City of Gosnells

Cameron Miller - Senior Relationship Manager




Vicinity Centres – Maddington Central

Vicinity Centres PM Pty Ltd trading as Maddington Central Shopping Centre has been a corporate sponsor of City of Gosnells’ events, programs and services for over 11 years.  This partnership has been a great experience, with City of Gosnells always approaching Corporate Sponsorships in a reputable, positive and responsive manner with skill and a strong sense of service to the community.

Vicinity Centres understands the importance of being a good corporate citizen.  We believe in building relationships with the local community through supporting local community events that are important to all individuals within the community.

Vicinity Centres understands that one of the best ways to build a business relationship with customers, source clients and support our community through sponsoring local community events. 

We are proud to continue our support of the City of Gosnells and the amazing events, programs and services that are delivered to our community.

Eryn Leonard – Marketing Manager
Vicinity Centres
Maddington Central



Previous sponsors


Kleenit has been a proud sponsor of the City of Gosnells for many years.  Sponsoring community programs allows us to give back to the local community by supporting worthwhile programs that make a difference to the residents and businesses within the City of Gosnells.  We pride ourselves on being a trusted and committed part of the local community and we appreciate the strong partnership that we have formed with the City in the programs we support.

During our sponsorship the City of Gosnells’ staff have demonstrated professionalism, commitment, passion and dedication to the community in the programs and events they delivered.



Gosnells Community Bank

Gosnells Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank sponsored City of Gosnells Community Events for a number of reasons namely;

  1. To Enhance the and enrich the Community
  2. To assist in the sustainability of Community Projects
  3. To Increase equity of access to the demographics within the City of Gosnells
  4. To Give back to the Community that supports the Community Bank!
  5. To Partner with a City whose activities revolve around building and providing healthy and safe communities today and for future generations.

Michelle Lennox – Branch Manager Gosnells
Gosnells Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank