Subdivision clearance applications

This information relates to Local Government conditions delegated on WAPC conditional approvals.

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is prepared to endorse a survey-strata plan in accordance with the plan submitted once the condition(s) set out have been fulfilled.

The written advice of the agency/authority or local government is to be obtained by the applicant/owner. When the written advice of each identified agency/authority or local government has been obtained, it should be submitted to the WAPC with a Form 1C and appropriate fees and a copy of the deposited/survey-strata plan.

Prior to the commencement of any subdivision works or the implementation of any condition(s) in any other way, the applicant/owner is to liaise with the nominated agency/authority or local government on the requirement(s) it considers necessary to fulfil the condition(s).

The applicant/owner is to make reasonable enquiry to the nominated agency/authority or local government to obtain confirmation that the requirement(s) of the condition(s) have been fulfilled. This may include the provision of supplementary information. In the event that the nominated agency/authority or local government will not provide its written confirmation following reasonable enquiry, the applicant/owner then may approach the WAPC for confirmation that the condition(s) have been fulfilled.

For information on model conditions prescribed by the WAPC, please visit the related link below.

Current and recently determined applicaitions 

The subdivision clearance process is an important step in the lot creation process. To view current and recently determined subdivision clearance applications, please use the related link below.

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