2004 Review

The Foothills Rural Strategy (FRS) focuses on the Orange Grove and Martin Foothills which generally aligns with land on, or adjacent to the Darling Escarpment.

The main objective of the FRS is to protect, conserve and enhance the landscape character and natural environment of the Strategy Area and will guide the assessment of zoning, development and subdivision proposals. Council adopted the FRS in April 2004.

2016 Review

Recent changes to strategic plans for the Perth Metropolitan area by the State Government, and new Planning Regulations, a review of the document was required to update and modernise the FRS.

The main changes are:

  1. The removal of the Maddington Kenwick Strategic Employment Area, as it is now governed by a separate planning framework; and

  2. The creation of a new Rural Planning Precinct (Precinct 4 - Kelvin Road Precinct) which recognises a flexible approach to land use, acknowledging historical development of the area within rural-industrial and semi commercial type land uses.     

On 22 November 2016, Council (Resolution 420) endorsed the updated FRS (Review of the Foothills Rural Strategy 2004). 

The FRS is an important document that informs the overarching Local Planning Strategy for the district.

Download: Foothills Rural Strategy

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