Residential and commercial building plan search

To request plans, you must be the current owner of the property in question, or act with the written consent of the current owner of the property and have attached a copy of the consent. If you have entered a contract to purchase the property, a signed copy of the offer and acceptance must be provided. If the property is owned by a company or trust, evidence must be attached confirming your legal interest in that entity (e.g. business registration details).You must be the person named as the applicant on the request, and the identification attached must be your own.

The request will be completed within 10 business days of acceptance, unless otherwise advised, as records may be stored offsite. If the request relates to a property currently for sale or under contract please ensure the request is lodged promptly to allow sufficient time to be completed before settlement.

To process requests in a timely manner, any information requested from the applicant must be provided promptly.

While an approval may be recorded, some plans may be unavailable, in which case the City will provide a letter acknowledging this. Where no plans or approvals are recorded the structure is likely to be unauthorised and may be subject to compliance action by the City.

A fee is applicable, please refer to the current fees and charges schedule. You will be contacted by email to make payment prior to the search being commenced. Additional fees may apply for copies of large plans or large plan searches.