Kenwick provides quiet living, work and business opportunities alongside an expansive network of wetlands and strategic transportation connections.

Vibrant centres, environmental and recreation linkage and a diverse economy will make Kenwick a sustainable and remarkable place.

  • Kenwick's regeneration vision provides a revitalisation and improvement framework for the area. The vision plan was formed through an intensive planning and design exercise which builds upon business, community and environmental assets which are of national significance.
  • A multifaceted program of community, economic and urban regeneration initiatives has supported sustainable community growth in Maddington and Kenwick.
  • The Kenwick Village has been improved through joint funding by the City of Gosnells and state government. Key facilities have been upgraded, places created, footpaths improved with distinctive paving features, landscaping, street furniture, public art and traffic calming.
  • The nearby Greater Brixton Street Wetlands host the most biodiverse flora on the Swan Coastal Plain, and link to the Greater Brixton Street Wetlands and the Darling Scarp.
  • Kenwick and Maddington Heritage trail provides a self-guided tour of the area's cultural and natural heritage.