The Museum offers an outstanding Museum education program for school groups which combines learning with fun. History comes alive with the Museum's hands on activities. A selection of three programs is included in the very reasonable charge. Please contact Heritage Services staff on 9397 3144 to make a booking.

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School Excursions

City of Gosnells Wilkinson Homestead Museum provides hands-on activities that address key inquiry questions of the Australian Curriculum, especially in the history strand. The Wilkinson Homestead Museum Education Program is available on Wednesdays during school term and is suitable for Year 1 to Year 5. Teachers and students are encouraged to come in costume and really step back in time. Choose three activities for your class from the following:
  • Oranges and lemons

    Citrus growing was a major part of Gosnells’ development. The Wilkinson family owned one of the largest citrus orchards in the City of Gosnells. At the Wilkinson Homestead orchard, students learn about the various types of citrus, squeeze and taste fruit, see the Lightning fruit grader in action and make a fruit box stencil.
  • Making do

    In the past, people ‘made do’ re-using items and materials in order to create many of their household items. Children improvised with toys made of things found at home and in sheds. At the Museum, students can see some of these examples, discuss how the toys were made and finish the activity by making a peg doll or a rag rug as a group.
  • Scone and butter making

    Scones were made in the Wilkinson Homestead as a cheap and quick means of feeding workers or children after school. Topped with homemade jam, scones were simple, filling and quick to make. At the Museum, students will have the opportunity to learn how to make butter and scones.
  • School room 1907

    At the Museum, students will be immersed in a 1907 school room and participate in lessons of the day. This includes lining up, singing ‘God Save the King’, reciting times tables, writing on a slate board and practising the 100 demons. Older students learn to write with ink pens and they will be told off if they use their left hand.
  • Old fashioned washing

    Women’s work was hard work - washing took all day. At the Museum, students will scrub dirty clothes with a washing board, pound them with a washing dolly, rinse and then wring out the excess water using a hand operated clothes wringer. Students will hang out the washing to dry on the rope and prop clothes line.
  • Clothing and fabric

    Students are introduced to the different styles of clothing worn in the old days, looking at the impracticalities of early fashions and having  a chance to dress up and do some basic sewing.
  • The Australian Colonies

    An interactive walk through the site of the original Davis family farm, talking about early Colonial settlement and learning about the hardships endured by the pioneer families and the impact of white settlement on the Aboriginal people living in the area. (Year 5 activity) 

Make a day of it

The Museum is a great place to spend the day. Students can bring a lunch and use the games box to test skills with old-fashioned entertainment such as knucklebones, egg and spoon race, marbles or horseshoes.

Take-away history

Visit the City of Gosnells website and online library catalogue to find more heritage and history information. The Museum also has History boxes with household artefacts and photos for use when in the classroom.

 For more information on the History Boxes available check out the What’s Here tab on the Wilkinson Homestead Museum page