Brixton Street Wetlands, Kenwick

Located off Alton Street in Kenwick, the Brixton Street Wetlands are managed by the Friends of Brixton Street Wetlands with the assistance of the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the City of Gosnells.

The Wetlands contain more than 320 plant species, which equates to more than 20% of Perth's floral biodiversity.

The presence of a significant number of rare and endangered plant communities and species further add to the value of the area.

Ellis Brook Valley, Rushton Road, Martin

A variety of trails caters for most levels of access, from the wheelchair-friendly 'Easy Walk Trail' to the relatively difficult 'Sixty Foot Falls Trail'.

The trail from the car park climbs to the top of the spectacular Sixty Foot Falls, affording magnificent views of the City and the Valley along the way, before descending past the old Barrington Quarry, which provides a window into the geology of the area.

The waterfall area has been described as 'the jewel in the crown' of Gosnells.

Hardinge Park, Hardinge Road, Orange Grove

This is a jump-off point for seven signposted walks, next door to the Bickley Reservoir and Camp.

Hardinge Park is also the starting point of a scenic walk to Victoria Reservoir, part of the old Mason Bird Timber line.

It is also the starting point for the Valley-to-Valley walk to Ellis Brook Valley.

Centennial Pioneer Park and Tree Top Walk, Federation Parade, Albany Highway, Gosnells

This treetop walk starts near the Knowledge Centre and winds its way down to play spaces, picnic areas and the Canning River foreshore.

The walk is six metres high and 112 metres long, and takes visitors through a canopy of flooded gums, paperbark and sweet swamp peppermint and provides a lookout and viewing deck overlooking the park.

Bickley Reservoir and Camp

Bickley Reservoir was built in 1921 as Perth's second hills water supply, but it operated only for three years.

It is now a recreation and wildlife area, and is an excellent venue for family outdoor weekend activities.

There is dormitory-style accommodation for 70 guests, and facilities for abseiling, canoeing and camping.

Bookings are required.

Mary Carroll Park Wetlands, Eudoria and Verna Streets, Gosnells

Mary Carroll Park Wetlands is one of Perth's major waterbird breeding wetlands and summer refuges.

The wetlands lie in the heart of Gosnells, and are a haven to waterbirds, songbirds, reptiles, frogs and turtles.

The wetlands are listed by Birds Australia as a 'must-see' site in the Perth metropolitan area.

Mason and Bird Railway Walk Trail

This trail traces part of the route of the Mason and Bird Timber Company's tramway.