Before constructing or purchasing a food premises or vehicle of any type please contact the City’s Health Service for advice before proceeding.

Food premises and vehicles that are not constructed specifically for food handling may require extensive and expensive modifications.

The construction, operation and maintenance standards of food premises and vehicles are specified in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The Food Act 2008 and Food Regulations 2009 require all food businesses to complete a Notification/Application for Registration Form with the required fees. Food businesses that are not exempt under the Regulations must be registered with the City. Exempt food businesses include:

  • Food businesses that are conducted as fundraising events
  • Food businesses that sell certain packaged food (not potentially hazardous)
  • Food businesses that provide complimentary drinks in conjunction with another kind of business (eg hairdresser, beauty salon)

The City’s Health Service conducts risk assessments on all registered food businesses in relation to its food operations or activities. This in turn, determines the inspection frequency and the annual fee. The annual risk assessment/inspection fee is applicable to all registered food businesses. Tax invoices are sent out in March each year and are payable by 30 June.

Setting up a new food business

If you are thinking about setting up a new food business please view our Guideline for the Construction of Food Premises and Food Vehicles.

Before submitting an application to Health Services you must check if you have the relevant approvals from other departments:

Development Services

The premises you have chosen may require planning approval and a Development Application may need to be submitted to ascertain suitability with the City’s Town Planning Scheme in relation to zoning, parking and other issues.

Also some buildings in the City have some historic importance, so it may be necessary to determine if the chosen premises is heritage listed before alterations are made.
For further information or advice please contact Development Services on 9397 3173.

Building Services

You may be required to submit an Application for a Building Permit for: For further information or advice please contact Building Services on 9397 3051.

  • Newly constructed premises
  • Where cool rooms and exhaust hood canopies are to be installed; or
  • Where alterations may affect the structural integrity of the building

Before any new developments, alterations or extensions are undertaken, approval must be obtained from the City’s Health Service, even where planning approval or building permits are not required.

Taking over an existing food business

If you are taking over an existing food business that is currently operating, it is recommended that your settlement agent requests a “settlement enquiry” from the City’s Health Service.

When requested, an inspection of the premises can be carried out and a letter provided to the settlement agent advising of any outstanding work orders and fees. These services will incur a cost. Before taking over the existing food business, you must submit a Notification/Application for Registration Form with the required fee.

If you are taking over a closed food business, the premises may require upgrading. Please contact the City on 9397 3000 before opening the business to discuss possible requirements. In addition you must submit a Notification/Application for Registration Form with the required fee.