For kids aged 7-17 years 

LibraryCraft is a Java Edition Minecraft server running MC 1.18.2 with multiple worlds and gamemodes , to allow for various styles of gameplay as single or multiplayer. 

Players can build a home on the Survival world, create anything in the Creative world, enter one of the monthly competitions, get the high score on the Parkour course, or play some TNT Run, BedWars or PVP Hunger Games with a friend.

This site is a “whitelisted server” accessible only to kids aged 7-17 years of age, and the game moderators are there to help players if they get lost or stuck, to offer advice, judge the competitions, and create awesome content for the players. They also ensure player safety online, making sure the rules are followed for the safety of all involved.

To play, kids will need a registered copy of Minecraft Java Edition.