The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) 

The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) provides free internet access to Australasian legal materials. AustLII's broad public policy agenda is to improve access to justice through better access to information. To that end, it has become one of the largest sources of legal materials on the net, with over four million searchable documents.

AustLII publishes public legal information -- that is, primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access (such as law reform and royal commission reports) and a substantial collection of law journals.

If you have no legal training but are trying to find legal information then consult the Community Legal Information pages on this site. Select the subject matter that you are interested in and click on the links until you find the information you're after.

Legal Aid WA

Legal Aid WA provides information, advice and other legal help. The type and amount of assistance you will get depends on your finances, your legal problem and their resources.

Legal Aid WA aim to:

  • help people to resolve their legal problems as soon as possible
  • make it easier for people to get legal help especially if they belong to a disadvantaged group
  • help people find alternatives to going to court.