Free computer access is available for library members to access the Internet, email and social networking, as well as Microsoft Office products. Bookings are essential and can be made in person, by phoning, or via the online booking system. Your valid City library membership card must be presented at the beginning of each session and users must comply with our conditions of use.

If you're not a member of the City's libraries it's easy to join instantly. Alternatively, you can purchase a guest pass, or bring your own phone, tablet or laptop and connect to the library's free wifi for up to 4 hours. Login is simple and requires users to agree to and comply with terms and conditions.

Need help?

Library staff are able to provide basic assistance should you have questions about using library computers, but if you need a bit more information, click on the Technology Services link to discover more about how libraries might be able to help.

Online tutorials

Library members can access a powerful database that provides links to hundreds of computer skills tutorials, offering immediate, quick-lesson education. These free tutorials include full colour, easy-to-follow screen-shots with step-by-step instructions covering an extensive and varied range of entry-level "How do I…?" learning topics. They cover computer basics, email and the Internet, Internet research and design, e-commerce, social media platforms, Word, Photoshop, Publisher, Dreamweaver, Movie Maker, Front Page, Powerpoint, Excel and so much more.

Click the Computer School link to access the tutorials. You will need to use your City library card number as the password to enter the site.

Online resources

Your library membership also provides access to a number of free online resources, including e-books, e-audiobooks, video streaming, and much more through the Online Resources page.

Teens might like to check out the computers (and other cool stuff) at the Amherst Village Youth Space.

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