Overdue items

Fines are no longer charged on items returned late however, borrowers are encouraged to return items on time so other members can enjoy them too.

Reminders are sent for overdue items

Members who have registered their email address with the library will be sent a reminder both three days before, and on the day items are due. This provides the opportunity for items to be returned or renewed before becoming overdue. If you would like to receive your notices via email, please complete the online form linked below.

Printed notices are mailed to members with no listed email address when items are one week overdue.

It is the member's responsibility to ensure their items are returned on or before the due dates.

Invoices will be sent for very overdue items

Items which remain outstanding four weeks past their due date will be invoiced to the member. Debts which remain outstanding may invoke legal action and summons to court. Unpaid debts for outstanding library items may affect credit ratings.

Lost and damaged items

Members are responsible for items borrowed. Any damage to, or loss of an item while on loan will incur a replacement charge.

If you borrow an item from one of our libraries and notice it has been damaged, please report it to library staff immediately. While wear and tear of library items is expected, some examples of damage for which charges are likely to be incurred include:

  • Sticky tape and home repairs
  • Scratched or cracked discs
  • Cut or torn pages
  • Stains to pages caused by food or drink
  • Water damage
  • Missing or damaged dust jackets
  • Scribble on pages
  • Damage caused by family pets
  • Removal or defacing of library barcodes

A 10% tax (GST) levied by the Australian Government may also apply.

If an item in your care is lost or damaged, it is advisable to notify staff immediately in order that minimum charges can be applied.