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Borrowing from the libraries

Your library card entitles you to borrow up to 10 items at a time, and there is a broad range of items for loan, not just books!.

You can borrow items from and return them to any of the City’s four libraries. If you can't find what you want on our shelves you are welcome to lodge a request for an item.

You must present your library card in order to borrow.

You are responsible for the items you borrow.  Damage to, or loss of an item, will incur charges.

Most items are loaned for 3 weeks. Items that are in high demand (3 or more people waiting for them) will only be issued for 10 days. Items may be renewed on request if they are not overdue or reserved. 

Fines will be charged on items returned late. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure items are returned on time.

Overdue notices are issued for items outstanding and an invoice will be sent for items not returned.

If you lose your library card notify the library immediately by phone, in person or by using the online form below.

Please note, library memberships will be renewed annually, after staff check the membership details are correct.

You are responsible for any items borrowed on your card at all times. You must not borrow items reserved for another person.

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