Site Management Plans - What Needs to be Addressed?

Where a site management plan (SMP) is required to be submitted to the City as part of a planning or building approval, the SMP must address the following:

  • Extent and location of fencing of the building site
  • Details of the proposed use of any part of any area within a road verge, street or parking area
  • Details of when and where road closures may be needed in order to undertake any works
  • Method of controlling dust and rubbish as a result of wind
  • Method of suitable containment of rubbish including site bins
  • Method of controlling erosion by water
  • Ensuring pedestrian and vehicle access past the property is maintained to the satisfaction of the City
  • Specified hours of days during which work will be undertaken (in particular, times for deliveries)
  • Traffic management details including any times for road closures, deliveries, loading, access routes to ensure least resistance to roads and other related matters
  • If intended to use any part of a privately owned adjoining property, permission in writing is to be obtained for from that adjoining owner prior to the use of their property
  • Locations of storage of materials
  • Locations of any temporary site buildings
  • Access points to the building site are to be identified, kept to a minimum and are to be stabilized such as a rammed limestone or other compacted material
  • Parking for builder and trade representatives
  • Parking for delivery vehicles
  • Details of where any excess spoil material is to be dumped or used
  • Details of any wash down or cleanup needs and what is being provided to ensure any toxic residue is not left behind
  • Confirmation and details of a signboard being placed on the property indicating the builder's details including a contact phone number
  • Inspection of adjoining properties to be undertaken prior to works commencing where proposed works may effect the existing condition of those properties
  • Method and responsibility for making good any damage or need for cleaning of adjoining properties or public infrastructure as a result of development works.

Where it is permitted to fence, place scaffolding or site buildings, or store materials in any part of a road reserve, the builder will be required to ensure that public liability insurance that extends to those works is covered to a minimum value of $10,000,000.

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