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Bins (waste management)

Does your club need additional bins at your club rooms?

The City provides a waste collection service for normal waste and recyclable material. Charges apply.

Facilities Booking Team

9397 3000


Does your club require more time or space for activities?

The City has a variety of halls, grounds, rooms and parks available for hire.

Facilities Booking Team

9397 3000

Club development

Does your club have an unresolved club management issue?

Clubs can seek assistance from the City’s Club Development Officer to recruit members and volunteers, develop business plans and overcome a range of club management issues that may have arisen at your club.

Club Development Officer

9397 3125

Graffiti removal

Have your club rooms been tagged?

The City’s anti-graffiti team will remove graffiti from council owned pavilions, public fences or private dwellings as soon as possible after notification.

City of Gosnells

9397 3000

Lease, licence and management agreements

Should your club enter into a lease, licence or management agreement?

Leases, licences or management agreements are long-term legal agreements that are entered into by facility owners and facility users to outline exclusive or prescribed use of a particular facility.

Leasing Officer

9397 3000

Parks maintenance

Is there anything your club can do to minimise wear and tear of the grounds?

The City’s Parks and Environmental Operations team can assist clubs in developing a plan to minimise the impact on certain areas of the ground.

Coordinator Parks Operations

9492 0111


Is sponsorship available to cover some of our club’s expenses?

Clubs can apply for sponsorship assistance through the City’s Community Sponsorship Program for a range of different projects, events or equipment. For more details see the sponsorship section of this guide.

City of Gosnells

9397 3000