The following deadlines apply as part of the application process. Please refer to the relevant season.


Summer Season
11 October 2021 to 25 March 2022

Winter Season
11 April 2022 to 23 September 2022

Start of season

Applications for Season close – Pre-Season Training (Form A) and Reserve Hire (Form B)

Included is an application for Winter/Summer Season – Reserve Hire form. This needs to be completed and delivered to the City’s Civic Centre by the nominated date for your season.

30 July 2021

4 February 2022

Contracts for Seasonal Allocations to be issued to the clubs

Seasonal Allocation contracts will be sent to your nominated club contact for signing and return to the City.

27 August 2021

18 February 2022

Signed contracts to be returned to the City

The contract form must be signed and returned to the City by the nominated date to signify your club’s agreement with the Conditions of Hire.

10 September 2021

11 March 2022

Final player numbers to be submitted to the City

You must notify the City of your final player numbers for the season. This can be done by calling 9397 3244 or emailing

Following this, the City will send your club an invoice for the required amount in accordance with the City’s Fees and Charges.

8 October 2021

15 April 2022

Seasonal Reserve Hire Accounts to be paid in full

The account as per the invoice sent to your club must be paid in full by this time.

5 November 2021

6 May 2022

End of season

All keys to be returned to the City’s Civic Centre

Keys may not be held over from one season to the next.

1 April 2022

23 September 2022

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