Pet owners are reminded to renew their dogs and cats’ registrations by 31 October, and ensure details are up to date.

Registrations expire each year on 31 October.

All dogs aged over three months must be registered and microchipped, and all cats aged over six months must be registered, sterilised and microchipped.

Pets can be registered in the City of Gosnells for life, three years or one year, with many residents choosing the life-time registration option, which saves time and costs associated with annual renewals.

City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes said it was also a good time for pet owners to check their pets’ registration details are up to date, particularly if they have moved house or changed phone numbers.

“City Rangers work hard to reunite stray pets with their owners as quickly as possible, to reduce stress on the animals and keep them safe,” she said.

“However, Rangers regularly find stray pets that have incorrect details on their registration and microchips, which makes it more difficult to reunite animals with their owners.”

New pet registrations and renewals can be completed online, by visiting the links in the related links section.