A building permit is required for a private swimming pool or spa capable of holding a depth of water of 30 centimetres or greater. This includes any structure or excavation used primarily for swimming, wading, paddling or the like. Pools and spas must also be secured with an approved barrier.

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Things to consider before getting started

Before making an application there are a number of things you should take into consideration.

  • Facilities such as soakwells, septic tanks and leach drains may be located in the proposed pool area and will need to be relocated as part of the pool installation.
  • Some lots are affected by easements to protect important infrastructure such as drainage, sewage and underground power.
    Easements are generally “no build” zones, but more information should be sought from the easement holder before proceeding.
  • Consideration must also be given to how the pool or its installation may impact on buildings and adjoining land.
  • If the pool will undermine any existing building/s on the site (e.g. the dwelling), an engineered solution must be provided to protect the building/s.
  • If the pool will adversely affect an adjoining property (e.g. reduce the bearing capacity), approval must be obtained from the affected land owner before submitting an application. This applies regardless of whether the lot is developed or vacant.

Making an application

For information about how to obtain approval for a swimming pool or spa, refer to Building and Demolition Work permits.

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