Get creating and thinking with different STEAM activities each month

Activities include robotics, coding, LEGO® play, different creative art and craft activities, plus sessions with special presenters.

For ages 7 - 12 years. 

Bookings are essential and open 30 days before the session date.  Click here to book your ticket.

Please note that children between 6 and 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult, or older sibling (13 years and over).

Program days and times

Second Wednesday of each month, 4pm - 5pm.

Wednesday 13 March - Stick Paper Puppets

Need more friends? Make one the easy way, a little paper and a few sticks will quickly bring your new paper puppet with real waving hands to life!

What are STEAM Activities?

STEAM: Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths

STEAM activities explore the various fields of science with a creative twist. Most Creators and Thinkers sessions will combine two or more of these subjects to create an engaging activity using creative and critical thinking to solve problems. While some sessions may be more arts based, others will have more of a science focus.

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