Requests for Information about Owners and Occupiers, Electors and/or Ratepayers

Section 5.94 of the Local Government Act 1995 makes provision for members of the public to inspect certain local government information, which includes the rate records, and register of owners and occupiers.

A person can view these records by attending at the City of Gosnells Civic Centre during business hours 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Alternatively, under certain circumstances the City may provide the information via telephone.  Please call 9397 3000 and the request will be assessed.

Regulation 29B of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 places restrictions on the release of copies of information to individuals or organisations seeking names and addresses of property owners and residents for the purpose of a commercial benefit.  In particular it places a requirement on the person seeking a copy of information contained in any rate record, register of owners and occupiers or electoral roll to complete a statutory declaration stating that the information, if obtained will not be used for a commercial purpose.  Persons unable to make this declaration are not able to be provided with a copy of the information.

29B. Copies of certain information not to be provided (Act s. 5.96)

A local government must not make available to a person copies of information referred to in section 5.94(m) or (s) unless —
(a) the request for the information is made in the manner and form approved by the CEO of the local government; and
(b) the CEO of the local government is satisfied, by statutory declaration or otherwise, that the information will not be used for commercial purposes1.

1 *commercial purpose* is defined to mean the use of a public record for 1) sale or resale; or 2) producing a document containing all or part of the copy, printout or photograph for sale; or 3) obtaining of names and addresses from the public record for the purpose of solicitation; or 4) any other purpose in which the purchaser can reasonably anticipate the receipt of monetary gain from the direct or indirect use of the public record. 

How to Submit Request

In person: City of Gosnells Civic Centre, 2120 Albany Highway, Gosnells

Hours of business: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm; or

For a copy of information send the completed and witnessed statutory declaration to:

Mail City of Gosnells
PO Box 662
GOSNELLS WA 6990; or


  • Only witnessed statutory declarations providing the required information will be accepted.
  • Bulk property search requests for information about owner occupiers, electors and/or ratepayers may incur a fee as outlined in the City's fees and charges.

Download: Statutory declaration form (PDF)

Note: Fees for copies of information may be applicable. See Fees and Charges for more information.