Mills Park in Beckenham is a 24ha recreational space that been transformed to provide high levels of sport and recreation as outlined in the Mills Park Master Plan.

The Plan was developed over several years, in consultation with residents and user groups, to create a community hub to increase sporting, leisure and social opportunities while protecting and celebrating the park’s natural assets.

Completed in October 2016, the Mills Park redevelopment features a new community centre, expanded green areas, walk ways, boardwalks, new sporting infrastructure, increased car parking, improved irrigation, rehabilitation of the wetlands and waterways, a significant nature play space, piazza and skate plaza youth space.

The activity and visitation rates have exceeded the City’s expectations as the community enjoys the new features of a revitalised Mills Park.

The Mills Park Centre has set a new benchmark in public facility provision having been awarded Australia’s first Six Star Green Star Rating for both design and construction. Considered Worlds Best Practice, the facility has been visited by professionals from all over Australia and has hosted international experts in sustainability.

More information

  • The 6 Star Green Star building is one of Perth’s finest community and sporting facilities and considered to be an example of world’s best...
  • After many years of investigations, consultation, design development and options, the Mills Park Master Plan was finalised in December 2014...
  • Nature play spaces give children the exciting opportunity to play and interact with the natural environment.
  • The new piazza is an ideal space to host community events and festivals, bringing greater diversity to the local community.
  • Designed for Mills Park by local young people and Skateboarding Australia, the state-of-the-art skate plaza caters for all skill levels.