Mary Carroll Park wetland

Mary Carroll Park

Mary Carroll Park is a significant environmental asset situated less than one kilometre from the Gosnells Town Centre.

Reserved in 1971, the park was named after Mary Carroll, a naturalist and former teacher at the adjoining Gosnells Primary School (1923-56). Mary Carroll Park has since become the focus of considerable community interest and is supported by ongoing rehabilitation initiatives by a range of stakeholders including the Friends of Mary Carroll Park, the Gosnells Primary School, South East Regional Centre of Urban Landcare (SERCUL) and the Armadale-Gosnells Landcare Group (AGLG).

Mary Carroll Park Vision Plan

The Vision Plan proposes a series of integrated activity nodes and recreational circuits. While this type of unified design treatment will strengthen the park's identity, detailed strategies and proposals at specific sites will highlight the diverse environmental and historical story of Mary Carroll Park.

The Mary Carroll Park Vision Plan comprises three key design elements:

  • Main Recreational Node
  • Large Wetland Recreational Circuit
  • Small Wetland Recreational Circuit.

The enhancement of Mary Carroll Park is a long-term objective and the Vision Plan has been arranged into a series of project areas that can be delivered independently of other areas as funding becomes available.

The Mary Carroll Park Vision Plan was endorsed by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting of 25 February 2014.

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