The City of Gosnells Museum at Wilkinson Homestead is delighted to present an exhibition of watercolour sketches by Mary Hodgkin.

This exhibition showcases the delicately detailed botanical illustrations in Mary Hodgkin's 3 notebooks from her time in Gosnells in 1942 and 1943.

In 1942, the well-educated Mary Hodgkin and her 4 children were evacuated from Kuala Lumpur and found themselves in Gosnells, separated from her husband, Ernest, by war.

During her time in Gosnells, Mary took an interest in the local flora, sketching and painting the plants and flowers of the foothills, creating a rare and comprehensive guide to the native plants and flowers of the area.  These illustrations are testament to Mary's skill and perseverance, as beautiful sketches made with humble means in difficult times.

We have had some very wet days for the last month.  The fine days in between are lovely and the country looks very pretty and the wildflowers are marvellous.  I am trying to do paintings of them as a record for when this interlude is over.

Watercolour sketch of Banksia menziesii  

The exhibition is open to the public from Sunday 10 September 2023 at the City of Gosnells Museum at Wilkinson Homestead (34 Homestead Road, Gosnells).

The Museum is open Tuesday 9am - 1pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm.  Group tours are available by appointment.