Four new hybrid vehicles have been delivered to the City of Gosnells, with more on the way, as part of the City’s efforts to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The vehicles include replacement light fleet passenger vehicles and a two-tonne truck that will be used for sign and pedestrian guard rail replacement and maintenance.

Mayor Terresa Lynes said the City made the decision to purchase hybrid vehicles for its light fleet last year to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

“With the high price of fuel, introducing hybrid and electric vehicles will significantly reduce the City’s fuel use and make the fleet more affordable to run,” she said.

“While hybrid and electric vehicles have been around for a while, the time is right to make this change to make our City more sustainable – both environmentally and financially.”

The new truck is a particularly exciting addition to the City’s fleet, with staff that operate the truck having input into its design. Improvements included in the new truck include a toolbox located on the passenger side of the vehicle, so staff can access equipment without stepping into traffic, and a working platform that extends the width of the truck, so it is easier to manoeuvre into difficult worksites.

The switch to hybrid and electric vehicles is one of many ways the City is working to become more sustainable, including the installation of solar panels and LED lighting in City facilities, using renewable energy at the City’s highest energy-consuming sites and working to improve tree canopy coverage and regenerate bushland.

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