Gosnells Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Crew Leader Gareth Hemingway is battling record wildfires in Alberta, Canada, as part of a Western Australian contingent that deployed last week.

Having previously served in the armed forces and battled bushfires in New South Wales in 2020, Mr Hemingway jumped at the chance to serve once again.

“You can learn a lot over there, they do things differently to what we do here and then I can bring that back to the crew at Gosnells,” he said.

“Serving in this small way gives me purpose.”

Mr Hemingway, who has volunteered with the Gosnells brigade for more than eight years, had been told to expect firefighting in marshy, swampy conditions during his six-week deployment.

City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes said the City was proud to support Mr Hemingway in his volunteer deployment, in addition to the valuable support from his family, friends and workplace.

“We wish Gareth the very best while in Canada and we look forward to seeing him back safe and sound, with even more experience and expertise to draw on as crew leader for the Gosnells Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade,” she said.

“The work done year-round by the brigade members, including extensive fire mitigation works during the cooler months, is essential to keep our community safe.”

The Western Australian contingent included 29 firefighters and fire management specialists, including 15 volunteer firefighters.

Visit the City’s website at gosnells.wa.gov.au for details about the Gosnells Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and ways to prepare your property for bushfire before the weather warms up.