Construction of a new road in Maddington is now complete, paving the way for new development in the area.

City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes said the $1.4 million project to construct Vermouth Parade and Newenden Street, off River Avenue, was completed last month.

“Located in walking distance to shops and the Maddington Train Station, properties adjacent to Vermouth Parade are zoned for subdivision, which will bring more housing opportunities and help to revitalise the area,” she said.

“However, without a road to connect them, property owners were unable to realise the potential of their land.

“It is an unusual step for a local government to step in and complete these road projects to stimulate development and encourage investment in our community, which makes this small stretch of road even more exciting. Ordinarily, developers must work together to construct the road themselves, which can cause considerable delays.”

Most of the costs associated with the construction of the roads will be recouped by the City through future development contributions.