The City of Gosnells’ first Sustainability Action Plan was endorsed by the Council this week.

The plan focuses on reducing energy consumption, switching to renewable energy sources and improving the natural environment. It identifies an extensive list of actions the City will undertake to achieve this, related to biodiversity, energy, transport, water, climate, infrastructure and waste.

Mayor Terresa Lynes said the Sustainability Action Plan formalised the City’s existing extensive sustainability efforts and set a path to a sustainable future.

“The City of Gosnells has a long history of taking action to minimise its environmental footprint and will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

“Although local government cannot drive global change, there are many things the City does, and can do, to bring about change at a local level and contribute to emission reduction targets.”

The plan creates a framework for the City to assess and report on its progress, ensuring a coordinated approach to its sustainability efforts.

The plan also reinforces the City’s commitment to reducing waste, sourcing environmentally responsible goods and services and supporting the community and local businesses to reduce emissions.

Mayor Lynes said the City was determined to do its best by the community when it came to climate change.

“The Sustainability Action Plan demonstrates the City’s commitment to meeting the challenges of climate change in our local area, while supporting a growing population and increasing urban density,” she said.

“By operating efficiently and effectively, we can mitigate our impact on the environment and continue to support our community’s needs in the years ahead.”

Visit the City’s website at to view the Sustainability Action Plan.