Do I need to be a Youth Member to attend a program/event?

Memberships are essential for registered programs such as ongoing term based programs such as Hip Hop, Buzz Mentoring, Art Studio and SoundlLab. The City also has a variety of unregistered programs, such as Drop In Youth Space, Outreach, Nomad Project which are free and do not require a registration.

If I don’t have a credit card how can I enrol?

Come to the City of Gosnells Administration building, 2120 Albany Highway to book and make cash payment at Customer Service

I have a Credit Card but don’t like to use it online can I pay over the phone?

Yes call 9397 3000 for phone bookings and payments

I will miss the first few weeks of term do I have to pay for the whole term?

Yes.  All Youth Services programs costs are kept to a minimum so although we are not able to give a discount we can promise good times and a low cost activity. We do offer a trial session so contact one of our Youth Officers they can organise a day for you to experience the program/event at no cost.

Are we able to make up classes we miss during the term on another day?

No unfortunately we are not able to offer make up classes

Are programs accessible to young people with disability?

 Yes, if the young person with disability is able to participate in the program without additional staff to support their needs.

Parents /carers are encouraged to speak with Youth Services Coordinator to discuss any additional needs of a young person wishing to access programs.

Can I attend program if I don’t live in the city of Gosnells?

To attend a registered program you must live or go to school in the City of Gosnells

I am unsure if the program is suitable for me?

We encourage you to contact the City and speak to one of our Youth Officers to find out if a particular program suits you. After speaking to one of our Youth Officers they can organise a trial day for you to experience the program/event at no cost.

Are there age restrictions on any programs

Yes, please check The Hive website for specific age ranges for individual programs. If you are turning of age during the year we will allow you to book into the program.

What is the City’s duty of care for Youth Service programs and events?

In a youth drop-in environment where young people are not registered in programs and events, individuals are free to come and go as they wish.

If a young person does leave the program/event:

  • Staff do not ask where they are going.
  • Contact their family to let them know they have left the program/event.
  • Drive them home.
  • Take any responsibility for them after they leave the premises.

In a program or event where the participant is registered, the City is responsible for that young person within the timeframe of the program/event and staff will remain at the program/event until all participants have been collected. Parents are expected to be on time to pick participants up.

Occasionally the centre or program may be cancelled/closed due to unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavour to give advance notice. Young people and their families must make their own arrangement in these circumstances.


Please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information or contact 9397 3000.

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