A new plan to guide community safety and crime prevention activities in the City of Gosnells for the next three years has been released.

As part of creating the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2018 – 2021, almost 1,700 residents took part in a City-wide assessment of crime and safety.

Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said the plan was aimed at improving community safety and reducing crime in the City.

“Home burglary, drugs and anti-social behaviour were identified by respondents as the greatest areas of priority that required addressing in the survey,” Mayor Dewhurst said.

“The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2018 – 2021 will prove an invaluable tool as the City of Gosnells implements its Safe City initiative, among other activities.

“A key part of this plan is collaboration – with community members, businesses, the WA Police Force and other community organisations. We all have a responsibility to work together to increase awareness and improve security and safety in the City.”

Mayor Dewhurst said residents also expressed a need for more police and strengthening of law enforcement or penalties.

“Respondents to the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan Survey also suggested raising community awareness of crime prevention and community safety, strengthening relationships between people in neighbourhoods, lighting enhancements and improvements in the physical design of an area,” he said.

“These are things we can all do together. Make sure you start by saying g’day to your neighbours and looking at ways you can work together to keep an eye on each other, record and report suspicious behaviour when you see it, and carefully consider your own home security needs.”

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