Learn how you can help the Canning and Swan rivers stay healthy, at a free workshop in Southern River on Tuesday 18 May.

ABC TV Gardening Australia presenter and environmental scientist Josh Byrne will present the workshop, as part of series across the Swan Canning Catchment.

Research has shown residential areas are major polluters of the Swan Canning Catchment, primarily through residents applying fertiliser to their lawns and gardens.

“This isn’t about tearing up your lawns and covering everything in mulch,” Dr Byrne said.

“There are simple and cost-effective steps we can take to reduce nutrient pollution and it starts with building healthy soil and feeding plants what they need when they need it.”

City of Gosnells Mayor David Goode said the City was pleased to welcome Dr Byrne’s workshop at the Amherst Village Community Centre.

“The health of the Canning River and our local wetlands is very important to City of Gosnells residents,” he said.

“These waterways are vital habitat for our local wildlife and are part of highly valued parklands and reserves for our whole community to enjoy. The good news is that we can all do our part to keep our waterways healthy.”

The workshop will also include an extended Q&A session with Dr Byrne, focusing on getting more out of a new or existing garden.

Registration is essential to attend the workshop, via rivergardians.com/education/gardening-workshops.