Terresa Lynes was elected Mayor by popular vote on 21 October 2023.

Adam Hort was elected Deputy Mayor at the Special Council Meeting held on 24 October 2023.

The results of the Councillor election on 21 October 2023 are in the table below.


Candidate Name Expiry of Term
ASHWIN, Ken 2027
HORT, Adam 2027
ZHANG, Ye (Emma) 2027
ADAMS, Aaron 2027
LLOYD, Diane 2027
ISLAM, Saiful 2027
DEWHURST, Glenn 2025
DALTON, Kylie 1st candidate to backfill
SINGH, Balli 2nd candidate to backfill
BARAIOLO, Sandy Unsuccessful
VADAKKEDATHU, Alvin Unsuccessful
PHILLIPS, Peter Unsuccessful
IBRAHIM, Luul Unsuccessful
WALKER, Leon Unsuccessful
Surtees, Caroline Unsuccessful
BEST, Anne Unsuccessful
PILGRIM-BYRNE, Kelly Unsuccessful
ANSARI, Roya Unsuccessful
FERNANDEZ, Chris Unsuccessful
LAWANIA, Krishna Unsuccessful
ISLAM, Majharul Unsuccessful
BIN GHANEM, Adel Unsuccessful



More information can be found on the WAEC website