Cr Dewhurst

Term expires: 17 October, 2025

Mob: 0407153787

Glenn has been a Councillor for the past 12 years, spending 2 years as Mayor in 2017 and 2018. Even though the Mayoral role was turbulent, it was necessary to shake up the Council, of which he was able to do.

Glenn spent 21 years as a police officer working with many different councils in his many and varied roles within the WA Police, before taking on a role leading the security team at Fortescue Metals Group as Global Security, Emergency Manager and Project Manager between 2010 and 2014.

Glenn now works as a specialist consultant to business. Using his forensic analytical and investigation skill base, he helps companies to manage their businesses better, to solve their financial, commercial and operational challenges in a practical, collaborative and speedy manner.

In addition to specialising in fraud and theft investigations, Glenn works with many businesses to drive organisational and business reform, resulting in lower operational costs and improved customer satisfaction. He helps companies to deal with incompetence, inefficiency and corruption.

Having a clear understanding of the reputation and background of potential business partners is critical. Glenn helps companies protect their reputation and minimise their costs and mitigate their risks by conducting due diligence into client employees and service providers, potential M&A counterparties and joint venture partners, across large and small businesses. He provides insight into their background, integrity, track record, litigation history, criminal background, regulatory breaches etc. He helps his clients to protect their brand integrity.

Glenn has extensive experience in a wide range of industries including mining, oil & gas, agriculture, Government, marine, construction, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and education.

He helps companies to manage sensitive contracts, investigate and recover suspect expenditure, and over expenditure and he works with project teams to deliver well governed projects on time.

Glenn has provided complex global investigative reviews which covered Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, mainland China, Italy, Germany and Australia. He has conducted venture market research on joint venture partners which has resulted in successful adjustments to the behaviours of business partners.

Glenn has also project managed multi-million dollar projects during major projects within the iron ore sector on time and within budget. He also project managed a multi-million-dollar communication project, which is now acclaimed as the largest privately owned port, rail and mine digital radio system in the world.

Glenn provides services to companies to design and install “whole business” tailored integrated security management systems and integrated emergency management systems.

As a Councillor with the City of Gosnells, Glenn relishes the opportunities given to him to help resident and businesses. Glenn’s priorities are –

  • Building safe and secure communities,
  • Reduction of red tape,
  • Future proofing our city,
  • Alternative incomes (not replying on resident’s),
  • Smart sustainable developments,
  • Alternative energy usage,
  • Affordable housing,
  • Maintaining the Australian way of life and giving people a fair go.