City of Gosnells residents are urged to prepare their homes and have an emergency action plan ready, with warmer weather just around the corner.

The City has now entered a restricted burning period, during which permits are required to burn. From 1 December until 31 March, all burning will be prohibited.

Rangers have begun inspecting properties throughout the City to ensure they comply with the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice requirements, which were sent to all property owners with this year’s Rate Notice.

By 30 November each year, owners or occupiers of properties zoned ‘General Rural’, ‘Special Rural’, ‘Parks and Recreation’, and ‘Local Open Space’ must install firebreaks or slash and clear their lots to keep their land free of flammable material higher than 10cm. This includes dry vegetation, wood, prunings, cardboard and other general rubbish.

All other properties must be cleared and maintained free of flammable material higher than 10cm all year round.

City of Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes said fire safety was a serious matter and all residents needed to be properly prepared.

“Preparing for a bushfire includes preparing your properties, being familiar with the Department of Fire and Emergency Service’s new fire danger rating system and preparing a robust emergency action plan for yourself, your pets and your family,” she said.

“How well prepared you and your property are for fire will affect your neighbours and the wider community, so it’s vital everyone does their part.”

There are many ways residents can reduce the risk of bushfire to their home, including:

  • Keep grass around properties to 10cm or less
  • Prune shrubs to ensure a 2m gap around houses and other structures
  • Maintain gutters and keep the roof clear of leaves
  • Ensure firebreaks and driveways are maintained to a minimum of 3m wide and 4m high to allow firetrucks easy access to properties

This year, the Department for Fire and Emergency Services has a new fire danger rating system, including changes to warning icons and colours.

Details about emergency warnings, how to prepare a fire-proof emergency action plan and how to prepare your property for bushfire season can be found at